Stella's Fabulous Bulldogs

& Miniature Poodles


Past Puppies & Dogs



This is Bridgette, she is the mother of our Misty.  She is now spayed and I homed her out to a man here in Winston-Salem, NC  He loves her and is the only pet.  He is very active and they go running 1 to 1 1/2 miles twice a day.  She loves it!!


This is Misty's first Puppy. He was born on April 1,2007. His name is Duncan and he went to live in New York with the Araujo family.

This is Honey.  She now lives in Florida.

This is Sugar.  Sugar now lives in Florida with her sister and a nice big fenced in yard to run and play in safely.

This is George.  He is from Bridgette and King.

George now lives right here in North Carolina.

This is Amber.  She is also from Bridgette and King.

Amber has moved to California with her new owners.

This is Hoagie, he is one of my past English Bulldog puppies.

Hoagie lives in Georgia with his new family.

This is Jacks, he is one of my past English Bulldog puppies.

Jacks now lives in Montana.

This is Winston, he is one of my past English Bulldog puppies.

Winston now live in Alaska.

Gator Jr. on the right and Diesel on the left.  Past pups of Holly and Maverick, at 71/2 weeks old.

Here is Molly and she lives in Charlotte, NC.

This is Olive and her big brother Roarke.

Olive is the daughter of Sassy & Maverick.

This is Rames, he live in NY with Mark.

He is the son of Maverick and Sassy.

This is Tank.  He is the son of Holly & Maverick.


Heidi has gone to her new home in Dunn, NC.  She sure does look happy!

Smokie has gone to live with Dennis & Ebony.


Junior has gone to live with a family in New Jersey.  He is an only dog and will be spoiled rotten!!


Cliff is from Holly and Maverick's litter.  As you can see, he is a member of the family and is ready for dinner!!

Babe is from Sassy & Maverick's first litter.


Here is a picture of Holly and Maverick last pup, in Nebraska, her name is Ruby.

Here is a picture of Holly and Maverick's pup, Diesel.

Here is Sasha.  She is from Seme and Leo's first litter.

Hey Stella,

I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks and appreciation for the wonderful puppy. She is all that I hoped for and more. Thanks to you, I can say you get what you pay for. Thanks for bringing honesty and integrity back to the breeders across the USA. Thanks, Rick



This is Lylek.  He is one of Holly & Mavericks puppies.


This is Ceasar who now lives in VA.  He is the son of Maverick and Smokie.


Here is a picture of Maverick and Sassy's pup, Diesel, with his big sister.


This is Roxy.  She is one of Sassy's Puppies.  Roxy now lives with Dan in VA.

The two Valley Bulldogs are Jaxon and Mollie.  They live in Charlotte, NC.


Bongo & Loulou from Babe & King's litter.

Dottie has gone to new home in Kernersville.



This is Babe's and King's last year's pup.  He is a Valley Bulldog.